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Monday, September 29, 2014

Vertical mowing

We have completed an aggressive vertical mowing on the Greywalls and Heritge Greens and Approaches this month.  By vertical mowing and consistent sand topdressing we can keep our surface organic matter in check.  The yearly 'aggressive' vertical mowing eliminates the lip that can develop over time at the green/Approach transition.  This lip holds back surface water drainage and it does not allow for a smooth ball roll when one is putting from off the green surface.  Both are negative characteristics that we want to avoid.  

Moist year

The 2014 season was filled with plenty of moisture and excessively green golf courses.  True firm surfaces were only achieved a couple of times.  Mowing frequencies were increased over previous season to keep up with the turf growth.  We had several daily 1"+ rain events including the one seen below where we gathered 4" in the Greywalls rain gauge and 4.25" in the Heritage rain gauge in a 24 hour period!  Our last complete irrigation cycle was on August 10th.  

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A lot is going on in the field at MGC.  Our staff level are dwindling as guys leave for school but the work must go on.  
Heritage fairways are getting solid tined and so are the last of the Greywalls fairways.  
Our Fairway fertilizer applications are being made to promote plant health before the turfgrass hardens off for winter.  The Nitrogen will also helps the plants grow out of two fungal pathogens that we currently have; red thread and dollar spot.      
Our Toro HydroJect 3000 is going to get a workout on the Heritage greens this fall.  I took it out on the Nursery green this week to prepare it for a fall workout.  
The tiny holes seen here are HydroJect holes.  The machine blasts water burst 8"+ deep into the soil profile.  It is a very low disruptive form of deep aerification.  
We never lay off our greens sand topdressing program.  It is the backbone to our very successful green management program.  

Heritage grounds crew master 'Super Dave' Mowen hosted a fun filled day at his 'hidden camp' in the rock hills between Negaunee and Big Bay.  Those lucky enough to find the location were treated to a cookout and golf down a cliff!  Those of us who could not find it missed out and we can not wait until he hosts another events.  Thank You Dave for all that you do!!
Super Dave himself!
Good times!!
Andy ready for a power shot!
Morgan can you even swing with those muscles in your way?
Great view!
Clayton and Morgan enjoying themselves

Friday, August 15, 2014

The sunrise at MGC is something I will never get tired of.  No matter how tired I may be, nothing inspires me more than the absolute beauty of Mother Nature and the landscape that we live in.

Monday, August 11, 2014

DR trailer

We made a simple woodtop modification to a mower trailer to haul around our new DR field and Brush mower.  The DR has been a valuable tool added to our fleet.  

Night putting

Our Toro reps. from Reinders came up last week and set up their new night putting system for us to demo and enjoy. The LED cups are battery operated and last 8 hours.  The perimeter lighting is hard wired with permenant plug ports to insert the light posts in when used.  
This is a great system which would be a nice addition to the clubhouse putting green during evening events.