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Friday, October 17, 2014

We had a Wiedenmann demo earlier this week.  A fantastic unit that can aggressively verticut fairways and clean up all the mess at the same time.  The Super 500 can also flail now native grass, prepare a seed bed and remove leaves and sticks/branches up to 2"!!  Amazing unit!  We also did a demo of their new blower that can rotate 260 degrees!  Great products!!

Greywalls is now closed for the season.  The course is completely saturated with puddles everywhere.  The last scheduled weekend of potential play has been cancelled.  
Another great season on Greywalls has come to a close and the final winterization of the golf course is now taking place.  
The Heritage course will be open until the 31st unless the weather dictates an earlier closing.   

Someone made an attempt to damage our turf last Saturday Night.  This mad individual did multiple donuts on #9 green plus they slammed the brakes several times.  The stupidity was then taken to #16 fairway where more donuts were competed.  
Good thing we grow strong deeply rooted turf.  
This all after someone thought the Putting Green by the clubhouse was a parking place for their car on Friday night.  
I can only shake my head at the silliness.

Monday, October 13, 2014

October is always a great month to complete projects on the golf course.  As turf growth slows we change gears from mowing turf to drain pipe flushing, drainage improvements, hydrojecting greens, tree work, brush removal,detail  cleaning equipment and of course leaf removal.  
Pink Snowmold is now active on the untreated nursery green on the Heritage course.  This check area shows the importance of timely a fungicide application to control the most devastating fungal disease at MGC.  

Team Marquette Golf Club brought the DeVries Cup home to the Yoop!!!  We went down to the Kingsley Club and successfully came back from a 4 point deficit to win the cup by 3 after the single matches. I am very proud of our team effort on the final day of matches.  A great group of guys laying it on the line in the name of their hometown club MGC!!

Great team work by the Greywalls crew on number 5.  We completed a one day drain project to correct a surface moisture issue front right of the approach on the fairway.  Soil compaction and rock shelves below does not allow adequate drainage flow so we dug a trench and lined it with 4" tile with risers.  The sand backfill will also aid in the removal of excessive surface water.  

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